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Here is some information on scientific research done on the effects of Ecstasy and other drugs. After studying the original paper, we write a summary of the research done and then include some comments and interpretations. Where possible, we link to the original On-Line paper.

An important note on this type of research: All this research has been published in professional journals after being peer reviewed. But having said this, research into something as controversial as illict recreational drug use is not always objective as it could be. The researchers generally begin with a hypothesis, that is a 'proposition made on the basis of reasoning'. They then perform some research in order to prove this. Often this can mean skewing things a bit, even being selective about how the research is conducted so that ultimately their hypothesis can be vindicated. However this is not done with cunning evil intent, sometimes it is even sub-conciously done. And quite a lot of this research has been funded by 'War against drugs'-type agencies. So it's easy to shoot down a lot of this work. But despite these shortfallings, it is not false. So we must learn what we can from it, and in the entries that have reviews by us, we try to outline these shortcomings and extract the information that is of value. Remember, Knowledge is Power!

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Disclaimer This Guide is provided for informational purposes ONLY. RaveSafe, it's volunteers and its sponsors do not condone or advocate the use of illegal substances. RaveSafe accepts NO responsibility for the way the information in this used, nor for any harm that might occur from the use of the information contained in this document. Although a concerted effort has been made to ensure the validity of the information contained in this document, no guarantees or assurances of accuracy are provided by anyone. Read and act at your own risk.

Knowledge is power.

Be responsible and...

.... if you do drugs, don't let drugs do you.

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