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Do you have a medical or life style question that is related to dance drugs, and are not able to ask your parents or family doctor?

Send RaveSafe an e-mail, and we will see what we can do. We are in contact with several open-minded professionals and other experienced people who normally help out with truthful and objective answers and comments. We can't get back to everyone's questions due to time contraints, but we do try and attend to the important ones.


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Disclaimer This Guide is provided for informational purposes ONLY. RaveSafe, it's volunteers and its sponsors do not condone or advocate the use of illegal substances. RaveSafe accepts NO responsibility for the way the information in this used, nor for any harm that might occur from the use of the information contained in this document. Although a concerted effort has been made to ensure the validity of the information contained in this document, no guarantees or assurances of accuracy are provided by anyone. Read and act at your own risk.

Knowledge is power.

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.... if you do drugs, don't let drugs do you.

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