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RaveSafe launched the Safe House Project on the 25th August 1998


Background to the Safe House Project

The objective of the Safe House Project promoting public safety in clubs and raves. To this effect, we have established guide lines for club owners and rave party promoters to promote the safety of their patrons.

This is not an attempt to endorse or encourage illicit drug taking: it simply raises the important issues of public safety that pertain to the dance culture, recognising that recreational drugs are popular. While no substance is safe in itself, RaveSafe believes that injury and death may be averted if venue owners, promoters and patrons act in a responsible manner. The RaveSafe ‘Safe House' project sets guidelines for the safety of the public attending such venues and events, as well as for the protection of venue owners and promoters.

RaveSafe is asking venue owners and promoters to endorse the principles of Safe House Project, doing as much as they can to ensure the safety of their patrons by adhering to the Safe House guidelines.



* RaveSafe will promote the Safe House Guidelines as widely as possible. This includes venue owners, promoters, security services, as well as with the general public, specifically those that attend rave events and clubs;

* RaveSafe, together with MRI Criticare, has organised a First Aid & Drug Education course aimed at personnel in the industry. This will involve input and assistance by RaveSafe volunteers;

* RaveSafe can offer advice to any club owner or promoter to help them make their venues and events comply with the guidelines;

* RaveSafe offers Drug Education seminars for anyone wishing to host these;

* RaveSafe will, on an ongoing basis, seek and implement other ways of promoting public safety with the rave/dance community.


Safe House Guidelines

* Offer free and unrestricted access to cold drinking water;
* Have adequate ventilation and/or air conditioning;
* Have a relaxed dress code, to allow people to cool off if necessary;
* Have a separate area for a chill out room;
* Prevent overcrowding - never exceeding the maximum permitted number of people and take steps if areas get too crowded;
* Provide well marked and easily accessible emergency exit points, that are kept clear at all times, as well as a disaster evacuation plan in the case of an emergency;
* Have at least one staff member present who is qualified in First Aid, and if the event or venue expects to cater for over 500 people, a fully equipped and trained Paramedic on duty. These persons should be on-site and trained in the effects of drugs;
* Have a basic First Aid kit on the premises;
* Provide a private room or area where emergency cases can be taken for attention of the above, and treated in private and confidentially;
* Ensure the use of Strobe Lights and Lasers abide by public safety standards;
* Allow drug workers free access to give advice, assistance and distribute information;
* Provide secure and efficient cloakrooms;
* Provide condoms, either free or through a vending machine.


Security and Searching

* Employ trained and courteous security staff who wear name tags, so you can get their names if you need to;
* Have a clearly displayed policy about searching;
* Maintain the right to insist on searching patrons' outside clothes, pockets or bags;
* Enforce age limits.

* Allow entry to a patron who refuses to be searched;
* Insist on a more intimate search without the patron's permission;
* Conduct strip searches or searches inside patrons' clothes in public or without an independent witness present.


Temporary Venues

Good temporary venues will follow as many of these practice guidelines as they can, with the exception of the First Aid worker/ Paramedic, which should not be compromised on. Water and ventilation should also be a priority.

Please help us get this going - promote it with the clubs you support, and contact us so we can follow it up with them. It could make a difference!

Last updated 22nd August 1998

Knowledge is power.

Be responsible and...

.... if you do drugs, don't let drugs do you.


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