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The information that RaveSafe puts out relies on feedback and direction from the rave community. One thing we do is a Drug Use Survey at the raves that we attend, to understand drug use patterns and what information is needed. RaveSafe relies on YOU for direction at all times. If you would like us to add or research anything, or if you have any constructive criticism, please let us know.

You might also have an experience you want to share with others. These are some of the letters that people have written to us. Although some people do have positive drug experiences (thanks for your letters!), what we prefer to put up here is the other side of the story - the one's you don't normally hear about. But other educational letters are welcome as well. And here's hoping that this service will be of benefit to you.

Please note that this is not official RaveSafe material. We have not verified the contents but think they are worth publishing. These letters are all original and genuine, and have only been minimally edited. Latest first.


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Disclaimer This Guide is provided for informational purposes ONLY. RaveSafe, it's volunteers and its sponsors do not condone or advocate the use of illegal substances. RaveSafe accepts NO responsibility for the way the information in this used, nor for any harm that might occur from the use of the information contained in this document. Although a concerted effort has been made to ensure the validity of the information contained in this document, no guarantees or assurances of accuracy are provided by anyone. Read and act at your own risk.

Knowledge is power.

Be responsible and...

.... if you do drugs, don't let drugs do you.

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